December Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: A friend showed me something where Crossroads is begging for money to help people have a good Thanksgiving dinner. They say that their food program is underfunded. How can this be? Didn’t they get 5 million dollars last year? And what about all the other money they collect. Signed, Hungry and confused

Hungry: Thank you for your letter addressing an issue that nobody can figure out. Since Crossroads has an abundance of money, why would the food program be “underfunded?”

Dear Editor: I have lived in the towers at Crossroads for over six months. The problem is, although I don’t have a roommate, I share the room with mice instead. The towers are loaded with mice. Why don’t they do something about the mouse problem here? – DVM

DVM: We can only surmise that their maintenance budget is underfunded. Perhaps they will send out an appeal to the public to help supplement it.

Editor: I read in the November issue about those orange parking meters and how there is no sign to tell people what they are all about. That is stupid. No wonder they are bringing in so little money? – BF

BF: That’s Providence’s powers to be once again displaying their incompetence. The meters are proven to be an effective tool for raising money for the homeless population in other cities in the US.

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